How does it work?

JZee is very selective regarding who we represent.  We want to make sure we fully understand your aspirations and what you want to achieve within the industry.  It is important that we feel we will be able to help you and be successful in obtaining the relevant type of work that is right for you.

Once we have received your application, you will receive a response within 15 working days.  If we deem you are potentially suitable for the agency you will be sent full details of the next steps.

In the majority of cases we will need to meet face to face to assess and discuss  your aspirations and what you want to achieve and of course your suitability for the industry.  This also provides you with the opportunity to ask questions if you so wish.

You will be informed of the agencies decision in writing within 10 working days of the meeting.

For babies under 2 years of age, we do not need to personally meet your child as babies and toddlers change very quickly therefore it is not relevant for us or our clients.  However, we can meet if you wish to or simply have a telephone conversation before you make a decision.

Everyone should thoroughly read the “FAQ’s” and “How to Apply” pages on our website prior to applying.

The agency’s decision is final.

Does JZee Leeming charge any fees and how does this work?

Should you be accepted onto the agency’s books, although we do not charge a “registration fee” you will be asked to cover the cost of an individual, fully searchable web page which is currently £60 including VAT for one year however, this will only be taken if we are successful in finding you work and it will be taken from your first assignment so there are no up-front costs to register with us.  This is necessary for the casting division which covers TV, commercials, film, stage and other.

If you wish to be submitted for photographic modelling only, this fee will be charged from your first earnings.  This is in compliance with “BIS” (Department for Business, Innovation and Skills – GOV) as the current legislation states that an upfront work finding service fee cannot be charged to those working as a photographic model only.

The website will be kept up to date throughout the year and photographs must be of high standard.  For children over 2 years we recommend having professional photographs taken with the agency photographer unless you have your own photographer you would prefer to use.

Children under 2 years of age are not required to have professional photographs unless they personally wish to however, regular snap shots will be required as babies and toddlers change very quickly.

 How does the agency earn?

The agency earns from commission.  As we do not charge high website presence and maintenance fees we take a standard 25% commission on all fees, excluding travel and expenses.  It is clearly in the agencies best interests to secure you work.

The commission charged complies with the “Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Business Regulations 2003” (Statutory Instruments 2003 No 3319).

Once you are registered with the agency, are you guaranteed work?

Unfortunately not!

It is impossible for the agency to guarantee you work as we have no idea what work comes into the office from one day to the next, neither do we know who the casting directors may choose for an assignment.

What happens once you are registered with the agency?

We will put you forward for all assignments you meet the criteria for taking into account our earlier conversations regarding your personal aspirations.

When a client contacts us to ask to meet you for a casting or book you for an assignment we will contact you immediately.

On occasions the client may wish for some specific information beforehand and so we may contact you to confirm the detail.

There may be times we submit you and not contact you until we hear from the client.

Please note:  It is imperative that you keep the agency up to date, please regularly update your “unavailability dates” on your personal website profile and any other relevant changes.