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If you need an updated or new photographic portfolio then look no further than our fabulous professional photographer Yvette Jones Photography.

A Very warm welcome to “YJ Photography”.

At JZee Leeming Model & Casting Agency we need high standard photographs for your website portfolio. You are welcome to provide these yourself, as long as they meet our requirements, but you also have the option of using our agency photographer at a cost of £65 Inc. VAT.

Enjoy an Outdoor Location, Individualistic, Bespoke YJ Photo Shoot.

The creative freedom that an On-Location Photo-Shoot provides is endless..  From laid back  beach vibes to fresh woodland & cool urban, so lets get creative! an On-Location YJ Photo-Shoot adds interest & breathes life into your portfolio photographs. Unique & personal. Your style, Your life.  YJ

Your personal package will Include:  One bespoke YJ photography Model head-shoot with a delivery of a minimum of 15x fully edited images. Your images will then be shared with both yourself & Sandra at JZee. Sandra will have sole access to download the full collection for JZee’s usage. You can begin working with Sandra to choose your 9x favourites you want to use to showcase your “Model & Casting Portfolio” in JZee’s gallery.

When using your access to YJ’s gallery you will have full access to favourite & then share all of your images via your social networking sites. If additionally you would like full-access to download the complete finished collection then you can do this at a one off cost-price of only £30. This will give you complete access to download each and every image in the gallery straight to your computer.

Your YJ photo shoot will run for approximately one hour. All photo shoot times agreed will take into account natural light & time of year, so being on-time for your shoot is important as being late could well eat into some good “natural light” time. Shoot will start at agreed slotted time and finish approx one hour after. You will have talked to Sandra before hand discussing outfit changes, props etc. Your shoot will really depends on the type of individual you are & how relaxed you are in front of the camera. Just remember.. there is NO wrong way of doing things so relax, be yourself & have fun!

The ideal shoot will be relaxed, fun & creative! The aim for YJ is to work together to capture your natural personality, thus portraying you authentically. Authenticity is key. So for example, if you are a natural beach lover then we would look at a fresh beach shoot! and the same goes for urban/fashion/woodland/industrial inspired shoots. The aim really is to document your personality where you most feel at home & relaxed in an outdoor location. You could even build your portfolio up over Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter adding a variety to your JZee portfolio.

There are two different “base” locations that we are currently useing; Greenfield Valley & Talacre Beach. But if considering a bespoke-location choice which can be very beneficial, if you have that “special outdoor area” in mind then the overall cost of photo shoot price may vary slightly but all can be discussed in detail with you prior to booking your shoot so that any additional expenses will be calculated at low cost-price. There will be no little hidden extras as everything is clear from day one. YJ’s aim is to deliver a bespoke individualistic head-shoot that is fun, creative & authentic to each individual.

YJ photography is unique to each individual and works to capture, essence & personality while working closely with you for authenticity. So let’s relax, have fun & get creative! The more you relax, & trust the more engaging and dynamic your shoot will be and the better the experience you will have!

“Sharing dreams with those around you, it’s what’s called life.”  YJ x

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If you would like to take advantage of this wonderful offer from “YJ Photography” then please contact JZee Leeming to arrange.  The shoot requirements are as follows:

You should wear one outfit and also bring a change. Two contrasting looks is best.

Please do not bring a whole selection, the majority of the shots taken will be head shots!

You should wear clean, plain, casual clothing.  It’s important to remember no logo’s, trademarks or slogans if possible and the top should be plain and simple.  A bright or neutral colour normally works best.  If you have any accessories which could be included in the shots then feel free to bring these along i.e. hats, jackets, hair accessories, scarves etc.

Please ensure all clothing is clean and ironed well (this sort of thing really shows on camera!).  Lady’s hair should be left down, neatly brushed and tidy.

The idea of the photographs for the website is that the clients can see exactly what you look like on a day to day basis, so they know exactly what to expect if they invite you to a casting.

Please do not do anything out of the ordinary for the shoot, such as straighten your hair if it is naturally very curly or endeavour to make it curly if it’s straight, or colour it! etc.

Thank You & see you at the shoot!